About This Blog


Whenever someone says "goodbye"--whether it's a coworker-turned-friend seeking greener pasture elsewhere, a sister moving to a different country, a pet dying, or a relationship coming to an end--a period of loneliness and ennui usually follows. 

Well, I'm sick of having to go through that period again. My most recent goodbye had told me: "Someday, you'll be that ship leaving the shore."

It made sense. When I was younger, I have always believed in myself, believed that I will go places. I realized that before I can "go the distance," first, I have to "go." Why Hawai'i? In my 30 years, I have always felt that special connection to the place. We've had our share of serendipitous moments, in fact, although I've never made good with my previous plans. Coincidentally, it's one of those few places where "goodbye" also means "hello." So now, I'm finally doing this. 

I created this blog, Anatomy of Aloha, to chronicle my own journey to healing, self-rediscovery, and pursuing a dream. I may make it. I may not. That's for me to find out one day at a time.   

Mahalo for dropping by!